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The Windows 8 Finance App Gets New Improvements

Silvia ordered to pay $20,000 for campaign finance violations

Even though no details on this new build has been provided at the time of writing this article, this particular version most likely comes to address some of the bugs found by Microsoft engineers in older releases. As a result, expect the Finance app to load faster on both Windows 8 and Windows RT , while also offering a much more stable overall experience on either platform. Designed for Windows, the Finance app puts control at your fingertips. Swipe through colorful charts for a quick read on the day's events. Rich graphics help you find the latest mortgage, auto, and credit card rates.

Think Finance Hires Craig A. Nies as Chief Analytics Officer

This is the second time since Silvia was elected in 2012 that his committee was found to have broken campaign finance laws. In February, Silvia agreed to pay a $400 fine for using a public employee as his campaign treasurer. Silvia had employed Ernest Edwards. Edwards' role as a member on the Fall River Planning Board prohibited him from serving as Silvias campaign treasurer. The Office of Campaign and Political Finance announced Wednesday that state Rep.

Before that, he served as Vice President, Software Development and Chief Architect for Global Analytics. He also held several management positions at HNC Software Inc. and Fair Isaac. Think Finance has been at the forefront of leveraging Big Data to provide better options for the financially underserved consumer, said Mr. Nies.

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